A neat and organized living room

How to Get Your Home in Shape for 2017

Guest Post courtesy of Andrea Davis. The new year usually means new goals and ambitions. And there’s no better way to kick off a new you than with a clean and organized home. Here are a few tips to help … Keep Reading

Beautiful home with garage

10 Reasons Your Next Home Needs a Garage

Guest Post courtesy of Warren Clarke. Most homebuyers consider the same basic things when shopping for real estate. They often take a close look at the economic health of the town in which the real estate is located, since a … Keep Reading

Beautiful modern loft in the evening

Seven Home Improvement Projects to Prep for the Holidays

Guest Post courtesy of Andrea Davis. Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holidays — a time of parties, hosting, and spending time with your closest friends and family. If you’re the perennial guest at these parties, your life is a … Keep Reading

A real estate agent using GPS in a car

Must-have Car Tech Can Make a Real Difference for Realtors

Guest Post courtesy of Charles Krome. It’s common knowledge that a home and a car are the two biggest purchases in a person’s life. And when you think about it, Realtors are in a unique position to know a lot … Keep Reading

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