Kitchen 101: Selecting a Countertop Edge Detail

Guest Post courtesy of Kerrie Kelly, ASID.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s a shared space where kids run in for an after school snack, where details of the day are discussed over a quick bite to eat, and where family meals are prepped and served. A beautiful and functional kitchen is not only nice to have but essential to everyday life.

Are you looking for a quick way to make a subtle design difference in your own kitchen? Consider selecting a countertop edge detail. From totally traditional to super modern, we’ve made a list of some of our favorite profiles, along with tips for incorporating them into your own space.

1. A timeless touch: square + standard

As most designers would agree, less is usually more. This is particularly true for countertops. If your kitchen is sleek and simple, we suggest opting for a basic 3-centimeter square profile. This clean-lined look is perfect for contemporary spaces or even traditional ones that could use a modern touch.

Kitchen counter with square and standard edge

2. Instantly impactful: square + mitered

We love a great statement-making countertop. If you’re using an understated surface material, make the width a little more dramatic for added visual interest. A square, mitered edge makes the slab look thicker and more pronounced, lending a trendy and impactful focal point to the kitchen’s design.

Kitchen counter with square and mitered edge

3. Subtle softness: eased + mitered

Not looking to make a statement? Consider going with an eased and mitered edge for your kitchen island or counter space. The subtle shift and rounding of the surface adds a touch of softness, especially on a delicately colored surface. Contrast this look with a dark butcher block slab on a kitchen island or dark hardwood underfoot.

Kitchen counter with eased and mitered edge

4. Bold and beautiful: bullnose

One of our favorite ways to style a counter space is by choosing a rounded edge detail. A bullnose edge is both safe and stylish—perfect for a family with small children. This type of profile looks best in a traditional setting, as it has a classic softness and timeless look.

Kitchen counter with bullnose edge

5. Pretty practical: marine edge

Are you a cook? Have someone in the family who likes to get messy when preparing dinner? The marine edge is just what you need. Instead of a mitered profile, this counter style has a ledge that comes up on the outside, imitating a tiny wall. A barrier like this is perfect for an island where food prep occurs as it blocks spills and runoff.

Kitchen counter with marine edge

6. The unique option: custom

Don’t see anything that speaks to you above? That’s okay. One of the great things about remodeling the counter area of your kitchen are the choices you get. If your style is timeless and traditional, consider a French Cove or DuPont edge. Trying to keep it cool and contemporary? Take a look at a beveled profile or a soft-based edge.

Kitchen counter with custom edge

What are some of your favorite countertop edges?

About the Author
Kerrie Kelly’s kitchen countertop design ideas are based on her experience working with homeowners to provide them with styles that suit their tastes. Kerrie is an award-winning California interior designer who writes on design for The Home Depot. If you are researching countertops for your home, you can review many styles here.

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