How to Get Your Home in Shape for 2017

Guest Post courtesy of Andrea Davis.

The new year usually means new goals and ambitions. And there’s no better way to kick off a new you than with a clean and organized home. Here are a few tips to help you start your new year off strong.

A neat and organized living room

1. Set cleaning and organizational goals

Begin by setting a goal for your cleaning. For example, are you thinking of selling your home in 2017? If so, plan your cleaning and organization around paring down your possessions and preparing your home for sale.

If you have no plans of moving, you can select several long-term goals. These may require more than one weekend and can lead to other projects like remodels. Begin with overall goals and divide them into manageable chunks.

2. Clean before you organize

Take time to clean up before you begin organizing. Working in a clean environment will help you stay organized and on task. Cleaning will also help you weed out old or unused items. Less clutter to rearrange will result in a more effective organizational effort.

3. Tackle one space at a time

Jumping from project to project will limit your effectiveness. It’s best to stick with one area and then move to the next once you’re satisfied.

4. Know your limits

Be sure to call a pro if your cleaning and organization lead to a remodel. Hiring a contractor to tackle sensitive or technical jobs will ensure the project is done correctly. Attempting to DIY a complicated job could result in expensive mistakes or potential injury.

Apply these steps to any room that needs a refresh. Getting your home in shape for 2017 has never been simpler!

About the Author
Andrea Davis is an editor for HomeAdvisor, the nation’s largest online home improvement marketplace. Visit HomeAdvisor for design inspiration, budget advice, and access to trusted home service professionals.

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