Six Summer Home Improvements to Boost Home Value

Guest Post courtesy of Andrea Davis.

Home improvements can boost resale value and help offset changes in the real estate market. Here are several summer projects that will make your house instantly more attractive.

Beautiful home with landscaped yard

1. Adding a deck or a patio

Decks and patios are popular spots for entertaining during the summer. Many homeowners choose to build one themselves after purchasing a home. Building a deck or patio before trying to sell can also substantially improve a home’s value. According to HomeAdvisor’s Deck Building Cost Guide, you’ll pay about $6,900 to build your deck from scratch.

2. Maintaining your trees and shrubs

Well-groomed trees and shrubs are simple ways to increase the appeal of your landscaping. You can hire a tree trimming service to handle any bigger issues like broken limbs, dead trees, or stump removals. You can tackle most smaller projects, like a quick trim or prune, over the weekend.

3. Getting a new water heater

If your water heater is more than ten years old, it’s probably due for a replacement. Installing a new water heater will take several hours, but it will make your house much safer and boost its value. According to the Home Advisor Water Heater Installation Cost Guide, a new water heater will run you around $940.

4. Turning a porch into a mudroom

Mudrooms are small interior spaces that exist just before the main room of a home. A mudroom can prevent tracking additional dirt into your home. Adding some shelf space or heated flooring can make this space that much more comfortable and make a big difference in terms of how your home is received.

5. Redoing your front door

If your front door is old and worn down, you have two options. If it’s still in working condition, you can repaint the interior and exterior sides and replace the hardware to make it look almost brand new. Or, for doors that are extremely old, you might want to get a new door altogether. The most popular door on the market, according to Remodeling Magazine, is a steel entry door.

6. An extension to the kitchen

The size of your kitchen plays a part in the overall comfort and convenience of your home. If your kitchen is too small, you can combine the dining and kitchen area to increase its size. If there’s a wall, knock it down. You can create a bar area or simply put a table in the kitchen area. Everything will look bigger as a result.

No one can complete all home improvement projects in one summer, but finishing even one of these projects can help expedite selling your home.

About the Author
Andrea Davis is an editor for HomeAdvisor, the nation’s largest online home improvement marketplace. Visit HomeAdvisor for design inspiration, budget advice, and access to trusted home service professionals.

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