Five Easy Reasons to Buy a Tiny Home

Guest Post courtesy of Andrea Davis.

More homeowners are foregoing larger houses in favor of smaller, more streamlined tiny homes. Tiny houses range from 80 to 400 square feet, but offer benefits that make up for their diminutive size. Here are five compelling reasons to consider a tiny home.

Little house near the sea

1. Lower building costs

The cost per square foot of a tiny home is often higher than that of a regular home. But the small size of tiny homes helps keep prices down. Unless your design requires extensive customizations, a tiny home will come with fewer initial costs than average-sized houses. If you’re serious about saving money, you can even DIY your own tiny home.

2. Smaller environmental impact

Many people join the tiny house movement in an effort to trim their environmental footprint. There isn’t much interior space to heat and cool in a tiny home, so your energy consumption will be minimal. In fact, some tiny homeowners use wind and solar energy to power their homes. Tiny house appliances are on the smaller side as well, which means you’ll consume less energy during day-to-day activities. You can build your tiny home using salvaged or recycled materials, which reduces the amount of new materials used in the construction process.

3. Less financial stress

Mortgages are a major source of stress among many homeowners. A tiny home’s smaller price tag will leave you with more money in the bank and fewer financial worries.

4. Quick move in

Moving into a traditional home can be painfully slow. New construction often takes longer than expected and renovating an older home requires months of hassles and delays. Tiny homes require less construction time and hold fewer possessions, so moving in is much easier.

5. Simplified housework

Think about all the time you spend each week on housework. With a tiny home, you can reduce the amount of time you spend on chores. Sweeping and dusting will take minutes and owning fewer possessions means tidying up is a breeze. You can also cut housecleaning or lawn care from your budget.

Large homes are beautiful, but in reality, bigger isn’t always better. Tiny homes offer financial freedom, environmental responsibility, and a simplified lifestyle.

About the Author
Andrea Davis is an editor for HomeAdvisor, the nation’s largest online home improvement marketplace. Visit HomeAdvisor for design inspiration, budget advice, and access to trusted home service professionals.

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