Warm Weather Bedroom Redo

Now that the sun is shining, it’s time to tuck away the thick duvets, wool throws, and dark, heavy color palettes and start pulling out some summer-friendly decor. Whether you live in a sprawling estate or a small space, there are several fabulous ways to welcome the long, warm days ahead with light and bright decor and furnishings throughout the house — and especially in your bedroom. Here are our favorite ways to embrace the warm weather in our own homes.

1. Bring the outside in – literally

There is no better reminder that it’s summer than fresh greenery. Whether you’ve been meaning to add an indoor herb garden to your kitchen windowsill or a cluster of fashion-forward foliage near your dresser, embracing pretty petals and plants will not only help liven up your space, but you’ll also be helping the environment — a win-win! If you have plenty of space, consider installing an indoor garden with raised beds for vegetables and summertime berries. If you’re short on square footage, opt for hanging planters instead for a splash of freshness.

Collection of succulents

2. Embrace color

While we’re big fans of neutral color palettes and the always popular black-and-white combo, summer decor is all about bright, bold, and cheerful colors. If you’re like us and hesitant to inject just about any color into your space, start with a piece that is simple in design, but a saturated hue that is both bold and classic – like a beautiful red or navy blue. By following this rule of thumb, your home will quickly develop a vivid and unforgettable summer style. Another great way to slowly add color? Mix and match patterns and colors via throw pillows, cushions, and accessories to brighten up an otherwise simple setup.

Navy blue-inspired bedroom

3. Au natural

If you’re still hesitant about adding pops of color to your home, look to natural fibers and materials to create a summery atmosphere. Is your style bohemian? Kick it up a notch with wood grain furnishings accented by tropical accessories like bamboo and brightly colored pottery. If your home’s design is a bit more traditional, swap out your porcelain and glass jars and accessories for terracotta instead. For a beachy retreat, a seagrass or sisal area rug will give any room a coastal vibe.

Bedroom with natural rug

4. Temperature-friendly textiles

There’s nothing worse than reaching for a light throw and retrieving a heavy, itchy, wool blanket in the summertime. When integrating the sunny weather into your home, don’t forget to add light and airy fabrics to help cool the room down on particularly warm days. Need a quick fix? Swap out your day-to-day comforter for one made of linen in a soft beige or cream color for a bright and breezy summertime alternative.

Summer bed inspiration

5. Perk up with patterns

Patterns like ikat, gingham, and polka dots have a stylish whimsy that works well during the summer season because of their fun, bright disposition. Available in an array of colors and configurations, these patterns can help perk up your space by simply sprinkling them in via slip covers, accessories, pillows, cushions, and window coverings.

Bedroom lamp with polka dots

6. Easy, breezy windows

While we already reminded you to replace your heavy day-to- day textiles with linen and swap out your area rug for sisal or jute designs, don’t forget to pay attention to the other components of your space — like your window treatments! One of our favorite ways to create a summery atmosphere is with light, gauzy curtains. By simply swapping out your heavy drapes and dark colors for sheer, white panels, you can make every room in your home a light and bright space that celebrates the sunshine.

Sheer window treatments

7. Create a perch on your porch

Last but certainly not least, make a fabulous first impression on your doorstep with a sunny perch. After all, you don’t want to spend your whole summer indoors! Add elements like lanterns, side tables, hammocks, wicker chairs, and greenery to your front porch to show off your warm weather style. Use an outdoor area rug in a bright and bold color to anchor the space and make sure there is plenty of seating for friends and family after a stroll through the neighborhood.

An inviting front porch

What are some of your go-to ways to make your home and bedroom ready for summertime?

About the Author
Kerrie Kelly owns the California interior design firm Kerrie Kelly Design Lab. Kerrie is a window treatments expert, and writes online for The Home Depot. You can review a large selection of drapes and curtains that are perfect for the warm weather on Home Depot’s website.

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