Three Modern Fences for the Contemporary Homeowner

Guest Post courtesy of Kerry Kelly, ASID.

Fencing often triggers the mental image of a neat row of white pickets in the front yard. But if your style is more contemporary than classic, it might be time to pass on the traditional picket fence. Modern and transitional homes are popping up all over the country, and with their beautiful architecture and eclectic design comes the need for a contemporary fence to match. Here are some of our favorite modern styles to provide security, privacy, and an extra ounce of oomph to your space.

Modern home with white concrete fence

1. Glass paneling

A sleek take on 1950’s style, glass paneling plays a comprehensive role in creating a beautiful and contemporary outdoor space. It’s ideal for the backyard or outdoor entertainment area. Glass paneling allows light to pour in from different angles, creating quite a serene scene. It pairs well with composite wood elements and industrial accents like iron and corrugated metal. Play off your glass paneling with softer exterior elements like lush greenery, potted plants, and a cozy fire pit.

Home with glass fence

2. Corrugated metal

As mentioned above, corrugated metal has an industrial design that makes for fashionable fencing. Should your main concern be privacy, corrugated metal offers a fortress feeling while also maintaining a high level of visual interest. Offset the rough-hewn look of this fence with soft, feminine design details like plush linens, cushioned outdoor furniture, and plenty of greenery to keep the space lively.

Corrugated metal fence

3. Mixed-materials

Mixing materials also adds a modern twist to a home’s exterior. Try using it to unify elements found in other areas of your front or backyard. For instance, you could add a stone and wood fence, taking the same type of stone from your entryway path and combining it with wood panels for a unique look. Create visual effects with the wood by arranging the planks horizontally instead of vertically for a contemporary boost.

Other interesting combinations include iron and concrete, glass and wood, or iron and wood. Not only does this help improve the functionality and durability of your fence by combining two sturdy materials, but it also adds a unique style element that isn’t found in traditional fencing options.

Mixed-materials backyard fence

Don’t forget the details

Whether you’re choosing to use cool corrugated metals or sleek glass paneling, all exterior fencing needs complementary design elements to help it blend easily into a space. Add concrete and metal elements throughout, like planters and pots, to add both structure and style. If you opt for a glass panel fence, look for mid-century outdoor furniture to complete your outdoor scene. Keep the rest of the backyard space toned down with subtle colors and textures to let your unique fencing really shine.

How will you incorporate contemporary fencing into your home’s exterior?

Beautiful backyard with pergola

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As an interior designer, Kerrie Kelly gives great tips on how to carry your indoor style to the exterior of your house through elements like decking and fencing. To see more wood or vinyl fencing options, visit The Home Depot.

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