Treat Yourself to a Tax Refund Home Makeover

Guest Post courtesy of Kerrie Kelly, ASID.

Tax refund season is here, and you know what that means: money for a home makeover! Whether you’re looking to renovate an entire room or simply spruce up your space, your tax refund is the perfect way to allocate your spending on a home project budget. To inspire your renovation itch, we’ve come up with five mini-projects that are easy to accomplish with a little spare time and extra cash.

1. Renew your area rug

You’d be surprised what a difference a new area rug can make in a room. Area rugs are a perfect, vibrant canvas on which to perch your favorite furnishings. Revamp your dining or living room with a colorful new rug, or try layering two or more of your favorite complementary area rugs for a dimensional design.

In 2016, we’re seeing a trend of bold patterns, like abstract prints and geometric shapes, coming to life on rugs. Perfect for any type of interior, an area rug revamp is a great way to breathe life into a room.

Sunny living room with vibrant area rug

2. Add organization

Sure, you can put your tax refund dollars to work with new furnishings, paint, and accessories. But if your bathroom counters are disorderly and your kitchen counters are unrecognizable, it might be wise to clean out your clutter before you begin renovating. Start by getting rid of things you haven’t used in the last year, and then collect any gently-used items you can donate.

In the bathroom, streamline your toiletries, then organize them neatly in baskets, shelves, and drawers. Clean up your kitchen by installing a Lazy Susan or revolving spice rack to create more storage space, and add shelving that will make it easier to see all of your kitchenware. Don’t you already feel more organized?

Serene, organized bathroom

3. Mix in accessories

Boost the style factor in your space with a few curated accessories in neglected areas like the bathroom, entryway, and hallway. Invest in a great piece of statement art for above your entryway console, and add a collection of vases or glassware for a luxe and personal look. You can easily create hotel-inspired style in your bathroom with fancy hand soaps, a vase of fresh flowers, and matching textiles such as plush bathroom mats, towels, and a sweeping shower curtain.

Entryway featuring console with baskets and lamps

4. Update with paint

Whether you want to try a new color in your master bedroom or add an accent wall, touching up the paint throughout your house is a great way to refresh your home’s style. If you’re looking to add a bold statement color to your space, use your tax refund to invest in high-quality paint and tools to ensure your project is a success. Then get creative with your painting process!

A single turquoise wall, like the one shown here, really pops against a unique accent rug. We also love a striking navy accent wall for a reading nook, or light gray for a bedroom refresher. Complement your new paint with wall art, area rugs, and mirrors, then sit back and enjoy your new, fashionable space.

Sitting area with turquoise wall

5. Refresh old furnishings

If you’re able to save a good chunk of your tax refund, it might be time to buy that new sofa, accent table, or dining room set you’ve been wanting. Sometimes, home stores and design centers hold special sales for tax season. With this in mind, it might be in your best interest keep your eyes peeled for a sale on your dream bedroom set, coveted area rug, or favorite wall art.

Stylish living room with mid-century coffee table and silver accents

While you’re waiting for a check in the mail, it’s always helpful to create an inspiration board of images and designs you want to implement in your own home. Whether you’re looking to nab some furniture, paint an accent wall, or rearrange some rugs, rest assured that your tax refund can help you make a beautiful home.

About the Author
Interior designer and renovation expert Kerrie Kelly is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers and writes online for The Home Depot. She is the founder of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab and advises her clients on home decor and projects. To view a wide variety of area rugs, including styles mentioned by Kerrie, you can click here.

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