Five Home Projects for 2016

Guest Post courtesy of Kerrie Kelly, ASID.

Happy New Year! Have you made your resolutions yet? While you may have promised to hit the gym more often or officially cut out diet soda, you might have forgotten about the home projects you put off in 2015. Now that the new year is officially upon us, it’s time to set the excuses aside and tackle some of the tasks you’ve been meaning to get around to.

Check out these top five home projects, from updated lighting to sparkling fresh wallpaper, to give you a head start in 2016.

1. Install new lighting

Adding new lighting is probably one of the easiest ways to revamp your home. Whether you’re changing the entire design of a space or just want to update the powder room fixtures, lighting always does the trick. Resolve to swap out the pendants above the kitchen island for something more sophisticated, or trade your dull floor lamp for a brightly colored table lamp instead. You could even switch out your old bulbs for cost-saving LED lights!

Stylish lamp and console in entryway

2. Revamp the kitchen

This project should be taken in bite-sized pieces. If there is one area of the kitchen that you’re itching to fix up, like swapping out the countertop or refacing the cabinets, make that a priority. If you don’t want major renovations, change your drawer handles or pulls for an instant makeover. You could also switch out your sink faucet for something sleek and streamlined. Looking to do a major kitchen overhaul? Consult your contractor; he or she may have a few ideas for a fresh look for the New Year.

Beautiful white kitchen with island

3. Update your area rugs

Think of area rugs as artwork for the floor. Whether you have a home decked out in hardwood or wall-to-wall carpeting, they’re a great way to update your space and refresh any room. Choose a bold geometric pattern for an eye-grabbing living room design. Natural and textured rugs create a relaxing, spa-like environment and are great for the bedroom or bathroom. If you don’t plan to swap out your rugs, rotate and steam clean them – they’ll feel brand new!

Living room with fireplace, coffee table, and gorgeous view

4. Declutter your space

One of the easiest ways to revamp your space is to get rid of mess and clutter. Whether you plan on tossing or donating your unused and forgotten knickknacks, freeing up your surfaces will allow you to survey the square footage you really have and prepare for more renovations. Organize your necessities on wall shelves to free up countertops, surfaces, and floor space. You can also create an organizational system to prevent future messes.

Couch with ottoman and floating bookshelves

5. Overhaul your walls with wallpaper

Last, but certainly not least, give your home a makeover with stylish wall coverings. From soft and muted to bold and patterned, wallpaper is making a much-anticipated comeback. Don’t be afraid to cover a small space, like a hallway or powder room, with a funky geometric design, or use a textured wallpaper on an accent wall for a modern feel. Keep the rest of the room light and neutral to let your new wall covering shine.

Colorful wallpaper behind traditional console table

Whether you plan on redoing your whole home or you’re simply making some stylish changes, resolve to take your projects off the backburner in 2016. Little by little, you’ll be on your way to a re-energized and refocused house in no time.

About the Author
Kerrie Kelly is an award-winning interior designer in California who writes for The Home Depot. Kerrie is the founder of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab and the author of “Home Decor: A Sunset Design Guide”. For more research on wallpaper and other wall coverings available online, click here.

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