Creating a Rustic Christmas Tree

Guest Post courtesy of Kerrie Kelly, ASID.

It’s that time again: start dusting off the decoration bins, playing the holiday tunes and wishing everyone who crosses your path a happy holiday. That’s right – it’s almost Christmastime!

What could be more “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” than a beautifully decorated tree? The rustic trend has been used in all areas of the home this year, and a Christmas tree is a perfect place to extend this motif. In this article, you’ll learn how to create the perfect rustic-styled tree.

B is for burlap

Burlap has been used in pastoral weddings, countrified tablescapes, and now for rustic Christmas trees. Opt for burlap in lieu of string lights, or accompany your lights with twirling burlap for a holiday view. If you’re feeling particularly crafty, you can construct your own tree ornaments out of this material as well. The more burlap, the merrier!

A holiday gift wrapped with a burlap ribbon

Au natural

Try swapping the classic red-and-green color palette of Christmas Past for a fresh, clean holiday look. Use cranberries, pinecones, sprigs of herbs and dried twigs to decorate your tree by nestling them between the branches or hanging them by hooks. High-quality faux decor items often look just as beautiful as the real thing and you can get away with leaving your decorations up a bit longer – the style gift that keeps on giving!

Natural Christmas decor with a focus on greenery and muted colors

Outside of the box

Instead of your go-to tree stand, consider using a crate, bin, pail, or basket this season. By setting your tree in something more unique than a standard stand, you can easily integrate the rustic look with the rest of your Christmas décor by taking advantage of the room’s focal point. A red wagon or a woven basket work particularly well for this style.

Pine trees in baskets

Handwritten and homemade

Rustic style is famous for home-sweet-home charm. Style your holiday tree with handwritten notes, popcorn balls, sheet music, and those decorations you made for Mom way back in elementary school. Handmade goodies are encouraged throughout this look, and the tree will become more special with each of the personal touches you add.

A homemade snowman Christmas ornament

Simple, sophisticated, and sweet – the rustic Christmas tree never quite goes out of style. By using the tips above and adding a few ideas of your own, you’ll create a homey holiday the whole family will adore!

About the Author
Kerrie Kelly heads up Kerrie Kelly Design Labs, an interior design firm in Sacramento, CA. Kerrie’s use of design techniques for holiday ornamentation may just give your home some added zing during the upcoming season. Kerrie writes on home décor and design for Home Depot. You can view Home Depot’s Christmas tree selection on the company’s website.

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