Four Unexpected Home Features to Mention at Your Next Open House

During an open house, many buyers are focused on visual features like an open floor plan, hardwood floors and stainless steel appliances. However, unexpected home features can increase a home’s value and it pays to bring these features to open house visitors’ attention. Highlight the amenities below at your next open house to sway potential buyers with the power of ROI.

1. Steel entry door: The front door is a natural starting point for any open house or showing. While not always considered a wow factor, steel entry doors are preferred for their resistance to inclement weather and forced entry. Also, according to the 2015 Cost vs. Value Report, a steel entry door replacement costs $1,230 and can recoup 101.8% of that cost during resale.

2. Garage door: Updated garage doors offer a number of benefits that many house hunters are unaware of. Aside from better curb appeal, a new garage door can eliminate drafts and cut down on heating and cooling costs. New door models are also insulated and difficult to damage, which improves security for stored items. Be sure to mention to buyers that this feature could also potentially reduce homeowner’s insurance costs.

3. Roofing: New roofing can make a huge difference in the livability of any home, and is also one of the few features your visitors won’t see up close at an open house. A faulty roof can often lead to flooding, mold and thousands of dollars in repair costs. In addition, a roofing replacement costs $19,528 and a potential buyer can recoup 71.6% of that cost over time at the previous owner’s expense*.

4. Vinyl siding: Homebuyers are often polarized when it comes to vinyl siding — some love it, some hate it. For those not in favor, try convincing them with its longevity and hassle-free maintenance. Not having to paint every year can be a huge plus for house hunters and sway them in the long run. Finally, vinyl siding works wonders for resale value due to increased curb appeal and it’s positive impact on energy costs.

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*According to the 2015 Cost vs. Value Report, a midrange roofing replacement costs $19,528 and will earn 71.6% in resale.

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