Home Makeover Quick Tip: How to Make a Statement with Your Front Door

By: Kerrie Kelly, ASID, on behalf The Home Depot

In our Home Makeover Quick Tip series from the experts at The Home Depot, we share DIY home makeover tips to help you put your own personal touch on your home.

One of the easiest ways to give your home’s curb appeal a refresh is to makeover the front door. Understanding your material, style and color options will assure that your house doesn’t make a statement for the wrong reasons.



The first step to create a statement door is to select the base material best suited for your home. Some tried and true options include:

  • Solid wood door: While the most expensive option, the classic silhouette offers a high-end look and a substantial feel. If you plan on painting, be sure to test our your paint color. Wooden doors will absorb more paint, which means the color might look a little different on wood than on fiberglass or steel. Sold wood will also absorb more moisture over time and require a little more maintenance. Hollow wooden doors are a less expensive option that still gives you that exterior wooden texture.
  • Steel or fiberglass doors: Steel doors will hold the color well and will never bow or fade. Steel doors can be tricky in rougher climates, as a scratch can lead to rust damage. If your area is more inclined to inclement weather, a great alternative to a steel door is a fiberglass door.



The next step is to choose the style of the door. Each option has its own aesthetic value and offers varying levels of privacy.

  • Paneling: If you choose a solid wood door, choose an option with paneling elements to add personality and structure. Boldly colored doors look great with paneling.
  • Sidelights: Doors with side panels of glass increase the sense of size of your single panel door, so choose paint colors that work on a larger canvas. Sidelights can make a great statement piece for your entry if the color and size don’t overwhelm the rest of the house.
  • Glass front: If you want to paint your door a bright color, this is a great choice because the bold, bright color won’t be so overwhelming since most of the door is glass.


Color Options
While color options are endless, the below options provide maximum impact.

  • Red: Contrast is one of the best ways to make a statement with your front door. If the rest of the house is a lighter shade, you’re better off with a darker color on the door and vice versa. Red is an excellent choice to provide contrast. Choose a deep red that’s a shade or two darker than your first choice. Think “exotic shades of far-away places” rather than “stop signs.”
  • Black: A timeless classic that adds style to any home, choose a high gloss paint that adds richness. Brass hardware will lend a classic look, and will provide a crisp contrast.
  • Lime Green: Lime green works with a variety of deep dark exterior shades such as grays and browns. The pop of color is fresh, friendly and stylish. Paired with a neutral colored home, the bright color creates a chic modern look.
  • Stain: Wooden doors can be gorgeous in the right setting. Find a door with interesting detailing before you touch it with a brush, and then stain it in deep rich tones that highlight those natural features. Woody tones tend to work best in settings with lots of green and natural landscaping and outdoorsy textures


About the author: Kerrie Kelly is an award-winning interior designer and the author of the popular DIY design book Home Décor: A Sunset Design Guide. Kerrie writes on design for Home Depot, and seeks to inspire homeowners to do something special when they are updating their houses. Home Depot’s fine selection of front door styles, including many that Kerrie writes about, can be viewed on the company’s website.


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