2015 Home Design Trends

Updating your home’s design theme can significantly impact the overall look, feel and function of the space. Give your home an aesthetic refresh by incorporating 2015’s top design trends throughout your house.


Warm marsala and cool hues

Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year, Marsala, will be a staple in many design themes. ”We are seeing more masculine trends – dark-painted cabinets and walls; rich, luscious, floor-to-ceiling color; tailored shapes. Imagine a well-traveled, well-read, gentleman’s library feeling,” says Michelle Workman, owner of Michelle Workman Interiors.

The warm red-brown hue pairs well with cool blues. Pantone also named blues, olive, and gray top colors for 2015.

“Gray will be the staple neutral color in 2015. It provides a great design canvas to work with and makes the other colors really pop,” says Workman.

“Colors schemes will lean toward base colors of light gray, which will replace the neutrals and tans of previous years,” Debbie Gildersleeve, chief designer, Renee’s Mattituck.

“Homeowners, designers and remodelers are in love with icy grays and sumptuous charcoal anywhere in the house,” says Erin Davis, lead designer at Mosaik Design & Remodeling. “Gray creates the perfect backdrop for color.”

Cultural influence

Get more personal with your home decor this year, and incorporate items with more meaning.

Homeowners should consider the staying power of design that can be found in cultural influences,” says Wendy Raizin, founder and designer, Raizin Design.

“As people spend more time traveling the globe – either virtually or in real life – they are influenced by many cultures. Displaying these new discoveries creates a dynamic culture clash,” says Mark Cutler, chief designer, Nous Decor. “Someone can sit in a French Deco sofa, set a drink on a carved Namibian table and rest their feet on a Moroccan rug, all the while basking in the light of a Venetian Chandelier.”

Abstracts prints and artisan items

“There is a rising interest in fine, handmade products,” says Cutler. “It’s no longer enough to have an expensive piece of furniture; the trend now is to know who the artisan was, what techniques were used, etc. This trend is probably a reaction to the mass market retailers who are the antithesis of this. Access to these artisans ironically has been helped by the Internet, which lets even the most obscure artist in the hills of Mexico reach out to a consumer on the coast of California.”

Abstract designs will move beyond wall decor. “Design elements will be more abstract with area rugs that blend light colors, with no specific discernible patterns,” says Gildersleeve.

“Accent piece art will move to the floor, in the form of painterly rugs,” says Raizin.

Mixed metals

Be creative with your use of metal finishes and metallic accents.

“Expect to see a mix of metallic finishes, especially gold, copper and bronze,” says Shari Felton, interior designer, Revisions Interior Design. “Notice this trend in light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, furniture and home accessories.”

“Mixed metals such as the edgier contrast of copper and rose gold provide a less-staged look and feel,” says Workman.

Natural materials

“Flooring trends are moving back towards light, natural wood tones,” says Chris Sy, with Carlisle Wide Plank Floors. “While high sheen dark brown – almost black – floors have dominated in recent years, now muted grays, whitewashed and neutral tone floors with minimum sheen are the most requested colors among homeowners.

“We are seeing a lot of sandstone tiles,” says Ryan Perrone, president of Nautilus Homes. “They have great consistency and an earthy look.”

Natural materials also impact the physical and emotional feel of the space.

“Brushed floors are trending in kitchens and will likely have staying power,” says Sy. “This subtle texture has a depth that is created by removing the softer wood – a technique that creates more consistency in color and grain – not to mention a worn texture that feels great beneath bare feet.”

“Wide planks will make your space feel larger by dramatically reducing the number of lines,” says Sy. “This technique helps to simplify the room and create a relaxing, de-cluttered environment.”

Brass fixtures

The popular nickel and silver finishes of previous years will take a backseat to warm brass fixtures.

“Brass is back, but not your 1980’s shiny golds and lacquered brass,” says Jenelle Isaacson, owner of Living Room Realty. “Look for a warmer, tarnished brass with un-lacquered and natural finishes, or rose tones in everything from shelves, lighting, furniture and hardware.

“Look for a more burnished, satin finish, rather than polished brass,” says Cutler.

Open spaces and clean lines

Give your home some breathing room in 2015.

“We are are seeing that clients want their interiors to have a clean look. Expect whitewashed cypress ceilings rather than stained, monochromatic schemes rather than contrasting, and large open spaces,” says Perrone.

“2015 will see more open floor plan concept kitchens that eliminate upper cabinetry and include open shelving,” says Felton. “This openness creates a more spacious and less top-heavy feel.”

“We are seeing an increasing demand for cabinets with slab or shaker style doors, complemented by sleek hardware, quartz countertops and glass tiles,” say the experts at DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen.

“Quartz will displace granite as the go-to kitchen countertop material in 2015,” says Davis.


Michael Davis, founder of Michael Davis Architects, expects more decorative wallpaper in 2015.

Workman says, “Look for wallpaper to replace accent walls and brightly colored rooms.”

“Geometric designs are making statements on wallpapered feature walls,” says Felton.

Looking to give your home a larger scale makeover? Find out the 2015 home remodeling trends.

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