Holiday Home Staging Dos and Don’ts

Don’t let your pending home sale stand in the way of your holiday spirit this season. Style a festive home that will have buyers envisioning their own holiday plans in your space. Follow these seasonal staging dos and don’ts to use this time of your to your selling advantage. Don’t outshine your neighbors. Dim the exterior holiday lights to focus on winter warmth, instead of holiday overload. Eliminate lawn ornaments and colorful bulbs, and use minimal white lights to frame the front door or your home’s perimeter. Hang a simple wreath on the front door for a welcoming first impression.

Do create a consistent color scheme. Create a uniformed look throughout your home so buyers can focus on the unique features. Coordinate your holiday decor with your home’s current theme, to create a streamlined look. If your home is mainly decorated in neutral hues, stick to a natural seasonal theme by incorporating burlap, greenery, pine cones and white lights. If your home’s decor has a brighter color scheme, consider only hanging white lights on the tree, mantle and doorways, and skip the holiday decor entirely.

Don’t skip proper proportions. If you have a tree, make sure its size is in proportion the room size. A large tree in the main living space may make the room appear smaller than it really is. However, if you have tall ceilings or a two-story family room, a tall tree may accentuate the size of the room.

Do maintain neutrality. Maintain neutrality in color, decor, symbols. When in doubt, focus on a winter theme rather than holiday specific decor, and avoid displaying holiday knick knacks and greeting cards. This will ensure your home looks less kitschy, and more like a home ready to receive multiple offers.

Don’t show a lifeless home. Winter showings are the perfect opportunity to help potential buyers envision themselves relaxing by the fire, enjoying a family meal, or hosting a holiday party. Hang stockings and arrange fresh greens on the mantle to highlight this focal point. Set the mood with a simple inviting centerpiece on the dining room table and a subtle, holiday scented candle to help potential buyers envision their next holiday in the home.

Do accentuate to sell. Display your holiday decor strategically to accentuate your home’s best selling features. Do you have a beautiful staircase? Hang garland and a string of lights along the railing. Do you have a unique, reclaimed wood mantle? Lay a fresh evergreen bough to highlight its unique design.

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