5 Easy Ways to Makeover Your Bathroom

Guest author: Kerrie Kelly, ASID for The Home Depot

It’s the most personal room in the house, but the bathroom can still be easy to forget when it’s time to update your home’s style. The bathroom is a perfect canvas for a design update because it can handle bold, rich drama in color and texture, as well as soft and soothing tones and accessories. Turn your bathroom from lackluster to luxurious with these five simple and affordable updates.


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Lighting: Use a simple dimmer switch to provide bright light to get ready and start your day, as well as soothing light for when it’s time to slide into some bubbles and wash the day away. Also consider replacing your vanity lighting; choose a fixture that will fit over the same space your current vanity sits.

To create a really special space, consider statement lighting such as a small chandelier that throws the light around the room. Sconces, or even small table lighting on the counters, can add enough supplement lighting to round out this luxe look.

Cabinet Hardware: New pulls and handles are one of the most effective changes you can make to your bathroom cabinets. Installation is easy, even if you aren’t an expert DIY’er. Materials come in every style and price range; choose your finishes according to the style you’re working with, grab a screwdriver and start the makeover. Mix finishes in this area to add more dimension to your bathroom; if your faucet is chrome, opt for stain chrome pulls. A favorite combination is mixing old school brass with a satin chrome finish.

Storage Caddies: The bathroom gets cluttered easily, so organization is critical. Use simple storage caddies for all your bath accessories, from cosmetics and hair products to blow dryers and curling irons. They’re easy to pop on and off the countertop as you need them, and they keep things accessible and tidy when you’re trying to get out the door in the morning. Remember that the bathroom holds a lot of moisture, so choose textures and materials that hold up well under those conditions such as stainless steel or heavy duty plastic.

Medicine Cabinets: Most standard medicine cabinets are a bit of an eyesore and a little makeover here will go a long way. Since the sizing needs to fit between studs, you can easily replace a standard size medicine cabinet while updating its look. A favorite fix is to remove an older version and install a beveled mirror or framed version for an instant bathroom upgrade.

The Luxe List: If you’re looking to add an extra level of comfort – and to increase your home’s value – consider a towel warmer. They come in floor or wall-mounted models and keep your towels ready and waiting to soothe you as much as your hot shower did. If you’re planning an actual bathroom remodel, take the next step with heated floors.

Your bathroom is the most personal room in the house; don’t hesitate to indulge yourself with a little luxury!

About the author: Kerrie Kelly is an award-winning interior designer who writes on home décor for Home Depot. Kerrie’s “accessorize your bathroom” advice aims to give homeowners top tips on lighting, cabinets and sleek additions such as towel warmers. A collection of bathroom accessories available at Home Depot, including towel warmers, can be found on the HD website.

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