How to Choose the Best Interior Lighting for Your Home

Guest author: Kerrie Kelly, for The Home Depot

Interior lighting is a top way to add function, drama and personality to any home design. Choosing the best fixtures, light bulbs and controls for every room in your home can be overwhelming, so below are four easy ways to use lighting to enhance each room. Use these tips to turn each room into warm, bright and welcoming space.

1.) Ambient lighting: Ambient light (lamps, chandeliers, sconces) is the base layer that sets the mood and tone for any space. When shopping, look for unique fixtures that provide functional lighting and an element of style.

Suggested rooms: Living room, bedroom

Suggested bulbs: Traditional incandescent light bulbs give off warm tones that will add a welcoming feel to your home. For an energy-efficient option, compact fluorescent bulbs offer similar warmth and last much longer than standard light bulbs.


2.) Task lighting: When designing a home office or kitchen, use task lighting (spot, recessed and pendant lights) to ensure enough light is available to accomplish daily tasks and projects. Spot and recessed lights are practical options that offer specific directional lighting. Pendant lights are a great choice for if you want to increase functionality without compromising design. They are available in thousands of styles and serve as a beautiful accent for any room.

Suggested rooms: Home office, kitchen, dining room, bathroom

Suggested bulbs: For a specific, bright spray of light, use LED and halogen light bulbs. The cooler tones and direct focus are great for accomplishing tasks and maintaining productivity.


3.) Accent lighting: Accent lighting (recessed or track lights) is a great way to enhance a room and highlight a home’s unique features. Install in alcoves, built-in shelving or kitchen cabinets to showcase your personal items and add value to your home. Also, consider the room’s function when installing accent lights. For example, in-home movie theaters or man caves with sports memorabilia would require more accent lighting than your average living room.

Suggested rooms: Living rooms, in-home movie theaters, man caves, home offices

Suggested bulbs: The fixture type and style is the most important aspect to consider for accent lighting, so choose a bulb that reflects the tone and feel you want for the space.


4.) Controls and switches: Choosing the right light bulbs and controls is crucial for properly lighting your home. Often overlooked, dimmer switches can turn the most practical lighting into mood lighting perfect for any movie night or dinner party.


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About the author: Kerrie Kelly writes on home décor for Home Depot and is the author of the book Home Decor: A Sunset Design Guide. One of Kerrie’s design specialties is indoor lighting styles such as pendant lighting and chandeliers. For a selection of chandeliers available at Home Depot, you can visit their website.

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