Dressing for Open House Success: Style Tips for Real Estate Agents

An open house is a top way to showcase your listing’s best features and to make a first impression on potential buyers. As you prepare your listing for for visitors, have you prepared how you will present yourself? In a client-facing role, your personal appearance may impact how open house visitors perceive both your professionalism and the potential lifestyle your listing could provide. Follow these style tips to look your best during your next open house.


Open House Attire Tips for Women:

  • Base: Invest in a pair of flattering slacks, a tailored skirt and a sleeveless sheath dress. These three staples will serve as your base for countless outfits that will take you from a client meeting, to an open house, to a networking cocktail reception.
  • Layers: This is where you can express your personal style and tailor your outfit choices to the scenario or weather. Build an open house wardrobe that includes a variety of tops and outerwear to pair with your base items. Do you:
    • Work with baby boomers? Go for a conservative look that includes neutral colored cardigans, a tailored blazer and a collection of tailored button down shirts.
    • Live in a warmer climate? Dress for style and comfort. Incorporate modestly cut tank tops that pair nicely with a lightweight cardigan or linen blazer.
    • Sell luxury listings? Aim for an understated and refined look. Pair a classic blazer with a sheath dress, or a classic, fitted button down shirt with a slim pencil skirt.
    • Work with young, urban professionals? Get creative with your style. Incorporate a top with an embellished jeweled neckline or a bright colored blazer.
    • Specialize in a neighborhood with families? Take a more casual approach to your open house wardrobe. Pair your slacks with a blouse in a fun pattern or bright color, or a casual jacket.
  • Shoes: Dressy flats, wedges or kitten heels will keep you comfortable when you are on your feet for long periods of time. Keep a pair of comfortable flats, sandals or rain shoes in your car so you can give your feet a break in between appointments.
  • Accessories: A strategically chosen set of accessories will pull your look together and can seamlessly transition you from an open house to a client dinner. Invest in a modest set of pearls, diamond solitaire earrings, or a silk scarf for the daytime, and pack a statement necklace in your bag to elevate your look for the evening.

Open House Attire Tips for Men

  • Base: Invest in a selection of neutral colored slacks that will keep you looking professional and current. An open house wardrobe that includes a pair of navy, light gray, straight-front khaki and black slacks; a pair of dark washed denim; and one charcoal gray suit will keep you looking polished in any open house scenario.
  • Layers: A collection of dress shirt and a few well-tailored blazers will complete a wardrobe that is appropriate for every open house. Do you:
    • Work with baby boomers? Go for a conservative look by pairing navy slacks with a button down shirt and a lightweight sweater.
    • Live in a warmer climate? Couple a pair of khaki or light gray slacks with lightweight button down shirts in pastel or light colors.
    • Sell luxury listings? Pair a tailored gray suit with a light blue button down shirt.
    • Work with young, urban professionals? Tuck a crisp white button shirt into dark-washed denim jeans, with a tailored navy blazer.
    • Specialize in a neighborhood with families? Take a more casual approach to your open house wardrobe. Pair a gingham or striped button down shirt with a pair of straight front khakis.
  • Shoes: A pair of slip-on loafers will keep you comfortable and polished day-to-day, and a pair of wing tips will help you look refined and powerful during a luxury open house or important client meeting.
  • Accessories: Invest in a leather belt (brown and black), a classic watch, monogrammed cuff links, or a signature pocket square to complete your refined, professional look.

Bonus style tip for men and women: Make your local tailor your best friend. A few strategic alterations to an off-the-rack item of clothing can transform it into a custom look.

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