Top Six Recruiting Resolutions for Real Estate Agents in 2014

If growing your business is one of your 2014 resolutions, having the right team in place could be your secret weapon. Adopt the recruiting resolutions below to scout the best real estate talent in your area and add these new agents to your team.

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Resolution #1: Build your brand’s online presence.

Establishing a strong online identity is key to attracting top talent. An updated website and social media presence will show recruits that you’re dedicated to your digital brand. According to, 70% of job seekers now use mobile technology to apply for jobs, so having a mobile-optimized website is crucial for engaging with potential hires. Also, consider advertising open positions on social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn to broaden your reach and attract motivated, tech-savvy agents.

Resolution #2: Create an office culture that fits your personality and business. 

Today’s job seekers are not only looking for a great job, but for a great office culture as well. Does your team thrive on competition? Sign up for a bowling league and make it a Friday tradition. If your agents enjoy giving back, consider implementing an office-wide volunteer day where they can volunteer for their favorite charity. Small perks like these will make a big difference in the eyes of any recruit.

Resolution #3: Determine what qualities compose the perfect candidate.

Do you want to be the local expert on multi-generational households or the baby boomer market? Find a candidate who can help you fulfill your goals by determining what qualities you’re looking for before you begin recruiting. Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to a candidate who comes from an atypical real estate background. If their expertise fits your needs perfectly, make them an offer they can’t refuse!

Resolution #4: Attract younger agents with the latest technology.

This year Millenials will account for 36% of the American workforce.* You can attract younger agents by providing them with the technology needed to work on-the-go. Purchasing WiFi for their tablets or storing all your data on a cloud computing system like Dropbox allows your team to be flexible and work from any location. Also, consider purchasing app subscriptions like Evernote or Todoist that will ease their day-to-day workload.

Resolution #5: When recruiting, think outside of the box.  

If you’re ready to hire, skip the classifieds and the online job boards. Try reaching out to your personal and professional networks — someone you know might have a perfect match for your firm. Added bonus: You can get a reference from a source you trust.  If you want to see a larger applicant pool, host an open house where interested candidates can attend. An informal atmosphere will help everyone relax and the group setting will provide insight on how they’ll interact with homebuyers during an open house. 

Resolution #6: Invest in your current team.

Recognize the potential of your current team members. Providing your team with training opportunities and resources will help them better themselves and stay invested in your firm’s success. Consider implementing a mentorship program where seasoned agents can mentor new hires through their first year. It will foster good relationships within your office and boost intra-office morale.

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