Meet Mike Downing, 2013 Agent Makeover Sweepstakes Winner

2013 Agent Makeover Sweepstakes winner, Michael Downing entered into the residential real estate industry one year ago, and is a broker with RE/MAX Pro in Hays, Kansas. Mike recaps his Agent Makeover experience below, and shares what he gained during his business and style makeover in Chicago, from September 18-20, 2013.


What were your motivating factors to enter the sweepstakes? As a RE/MAX agent, it was a great cause to give back to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. It was also an opportunity to review what I should do with my marketing. I’m really good at preaching how others should run their business, but I need to look at how I’m managing my own business as I try to grow my franchise. I need to develop a successful team so we can get where we need to be in the business.

In general, what aspect of your business plan most needs a makeover? Developing my marketing and social media strategy. Out of the business goals I have set, I am falling behind with my long-term marketing plan. I embrace technology and I like it, but my agents are more efficient at social media.

How do you feel incorporating social media and new technology will help you better interact with your current and potential clients? This next generation is comprised of our future customers and they are so entwined with social media. To be successful in the future, agents have to embrace social media, as it will drive business and our society in the future. My goal for the future is to figure out how to succeed at social media, and encourage my agents to embrace it.

What digital marketing components can you best apply to your business? Inbound marketing with a focus on blogging. I want to appear higher in Google searches. I embrace digital marketing and believe in it, but it’s about managing the time to do it. Also, remembering outbound marketing won’t always bring in business just because you’re spending money on it.

What was the most valuable piece of marketing advice you took away from the makeover? The importance of inbound marketing, and leveraging blog content to boost where my company’s website appears in a Google search.

What was the most valuable piece of style advice you took away from the makeover? The importance of stepping away from my comfort zone and trying something new!

How will your style makeover help to improve the business side of your business? I walked way with understanding that improving your style and personal perception can change the way you feel and how other may perceive you.

As a winner of the sweepstakes, if you had to share one piece of business makeover advice with your real estate colleagues, what would it be? Try to do something every day that will make you uncomfortable. Achievement will come from expanding your knowledge base.

Is there one thing you can’t wait to hit the ground running on when you return home? I’m very excited to get back and work on my digital marketing strategy. I plan on revisiting my current marketing plan I had and identify piece. I’ve seen a large growth in the first year of operating my business, and now need to focus on long-term plan Meeting with the experts during the sweepstakes have helped me clarify what my goals are.

Learn more about the 2013 Agent Makeover Sweepstakes here.

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