Luxury Home Staging Secrets that Sell

Whether you currently specialize in luxury home listings or you are striving to make a name for yourself in the high-end real estate market, selling to a high-end homebuyer requires a different strategy. Employ these staging tips from our panel of luxury real estate specialists and stagers, to set your listings apart and secure a successful sale.

1.) Original artwork: To give a listing a luxury feel, use original artwork rented directly from the artist. The artists are often very excited to share their work, as a home for sale can give them exposure, said David Cieslak owner of Signature Staging. James Hart, principal of Sold with Style, leverages his relationships with art galleries to lease pieces that will have a positive impact on both listing photos and showings.

2.) Fabrics, finishes and linens: Rich fabrics and luxurious bedding will bring the home to life and enhance the space, said Cieslak. Frances Herrera president of Frances Herrera Interior Design suggests using high quality linens on the beds, and to display plush, Egyptian cotton towels and robes, as well as spa bath products in the bathrooms.

3.) Spotless garage: Luxury homebuyers typically have luxury cars, which require an appropriately decorated garage. The walls and ceiling should be painted, floors should be sealed, and there must be ample storage. Replace older metal shelving and beat up cabinets with more contemporary solutions. If the house is listed as a four-car garage, be sure that all four cars can pull in. At all cost, keep everything off of the floor, said Russ Tybus co-founder of Morris Organizers.

4.) Incorporate culture: It is important for the home to have a connection to higher culture. Hart suggests displaying a baby grand piano in the home’s entertaining space, or if the space can’t accommodate such a large piece, decorate the shelves or table surfaces with smaller instruments such as violins or saxophones.

5.) Highlight the lifestyle: Purchasing a luxury home is more than purchasing of property; these buyers are seeking a certain lifestyle, said Hart. While it’s typically recommended that homeowners remove all personal photos, Tybus advices to include select photos from vacation destinations. Photos from ski chalets or tropical locations serve as a subtle reminder that the next owner could enjoy these same experiences and the home will not be an anchor to tie them down. Herrera suggests displaying lifestyle cocktail books that relate to the region of the property (i.e., if it’s a beach condo, use books on tropical destinations or luxury hotels).

6.) Non-matching furniture: One characteristic of high-end homes is that furnishings rarely match. While the furniture will always complement each other, professional designers will rarely decorate with sets (i.e. a sofa with its matching chair, loveseat and end tables). When staging a luxury listing, Hart advises on using integrated materials and styles that blend to create a cohesive space

7.) Outdoor spaces and views: Location is a top differentiating factor of luxury vs. non-luxury homes. Park City, Utah-based, Karin Gage, associate broker with Summit Sotheby’s International, said to play up the season when selling luxury listings. During winter months have the hot tub warm and working and the fire pit on and crackling. Herrera said, luxury homebuyers aren’t buying the space as they see it, but for its perceived value. Buyers perceive value in two ways—location and size. Use light and furniture layouts to your advantage to make the space appear as large as possible. If there are impressive views, make sure those sightlines are unimpeded.

Use these luxury listing staging tips to successfully appeal and sell to the most discerning of high-end buyers.

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