Pinterest Inspired Back-to-School Organization Solutions

Does the accumulation of back-to-school clothing, supplies and books make you feel like your home is bursting at the seams? Invest in low-cost, easy to implement organizational solutions, thanks to secrets found on Pinterest‘s home organization boards. Here are five picks to declutter your home and streamline your family’s schedules, as you prepare for the upcoming back-to-school season.

1.) Cleanest Closet Ever: The Pliio folding system is a unique clothing filing system, which uses engineered folding and space calculation to miraculously reduce closet clutter and clothing pile-up. The Pliio system helps “fold, file, and find your clothes,” in a small closet or cubby.

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2.) The Lofty Office: Looking for the ultimate multi-functional, space-saving piece for the kids’ bedrooms? This loft creates the perfect bed, study area, and storage space for your child’s books and school supplies.

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3.) Storage Baskets: A grouping of colorful baskets is a decorative, yet functional accent and adds character while serving as storage. Vertically hang a few baskets on the side of a bookshelf-desktop piece, to create “pretty appeal” and lend extra space to a small office or study station.

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4.) Mega Wall Calendar: Are your kids always asking “What’s for dinner?” or “What day is my soccer game?” Make it quick and easy for everyone to access the family schedule with this giant chalkboard decal wall calendar and do away with the excess “What’s?”

{Image via Pinterest}

5.) Start the year on the up! (upcycle that is!): There are many ways to reuse simple household items, but a favorite is tin can upcycling. Tin cans can be painted, wrapped or easily upcycled to serve as decorative storage solutions for small items. Add your own personal touch to a desk, dresser or kitchen counter. Like baskets, tin cans can be suspended from select places around the home.

{Image via Pinterest}

Using household items and specialized furniture can help make your house function at its utmost efficiency during the busy back-to-school season. Consider using these Pinterest-inspired projects before paying a high price for a professional organizer or, worse, “roughing it.”

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