Brokers: How to Recruit the Best New Talent for Your Business

As branch manager, are you faced with the challenge of recruiting top talent to join your brokerage? Top real estate brokers from across the country share below their favorite recruiting and hiring tips. Employ these strategies to attract, hire and retain upcoming real estate talent in your area.

1.) Establish expectations: Outline a list of specific qualities you’re looking for in a new agent, and set goals of what you’re looking to gain from your recruitment efforts. Jenelle Isaacson, Living Room Realty (Portland, OR), says, a “star recruit is easy to spot; they have an energy and a spark. I know that if they are able to make a quick connection with me and my staff, they will do the same thing with our clients.”

Issaacson also advises to look for agents who have a passion, hobby or are athletic, because it’s the things outside of real estate that bring in the clients. Charity work, church, kids activities can show the agent is well balanced and will be a good ambassador for the company.

2.) Up the ante for that star agent: Don’t be afraid to go all out for a particular agent that could potentially help your brokerage soar. Particularly if you specialize in luxury real estate, the time and money you invest in recruiting a standout agent will often be returned in their first sale. “Recruiting a star agent is like a courting process,” said Brad Ball, Frankel Realty Group (Jupiter, FL). “You must build a relationship with a prospective agent on a social level that may include golf, dining, concerts, sporting events and more.” Go the extra mile so new prospects can see how much your company cares for its employees.

3.) Build a technology-focused brokerage: If you are looking to attract younger agents, make sure your brokerage has a solid digital presence. Younger agents who are new to the business want access to the latest in technology and digital marketing. Ramping up your digital efforts will help attract motivated recruits, and improve your online presence. DD Flynn, Prudential Texas Properties (Austin, TX) has found mobile marketing works best for younger agents, such as the idea of messaging a 60-second home tour video to their client while sitting in Starbucks.

4.) Foster a collaborative culture: Value the opinions of your agents – they can bring new perspectives that could greatly benefit your business. This will also help them stay invested in the growth and success of the brokerage. Flynn has found that agents like the idea of being a business owner versus a sales agent. “The size of a physical office isn’t as important as the ability to bring their own ideas and specializations to the table,” said Flynn. “We really support that way of thinking and know it’s the future of where the industry is going.”

5.) Invest in your current team: Sometimes an all-star agent is a current team member whose potential has yet to be recognized. Take the time invest yourself and your resources in these agents. You will soon see certain agents and your company, flourish. Jeff Thiesing,Gainesville/Manassas Prudential PenFed Realty (Gainsville, VA), said the old adage of ‘here’s your desk, here’s your phone, you’re on your own’ doesn’t apply at his office. “Our agents find comfort in the fact that we do hands-on training right in the branch office; train and follow-up with continuous support.”

“You can take a good agent and make them a superstar by personally committing to their success,” said Claudia Januchowski, Towson Prudential PenFed Realty (Lutherville, MD). “Once the broker makes the investment, the agent is a supporter for life.”

Follow these suggestions to attract top talent, to contribute to the growth of your brokerage. Do you have any recruitment strategies you swear by? Share your helpful hints in the comments below!

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