Brokers: Help Your Agents Build Their Digital Relationships Offline

Empower your team to makeover their networking strategies by taking their digital relationships offline. Below are six ways to maximize digital client and industry relationships; this is an easy way to give your team the tools needed to succeed. For more advice on building digital relationships offline, watch my video here.

1.) Develop online relationships, offline: Use social media as the jumping off point to enhance relationships – not as the focal point. (i.e. “I saw your Facebook photos from your vacation; let’s grab lunch, I want to hear about it!) Whether it is a cup of coffee with your go-to appraiser, attending a broker open house, or catching up with a former client, set a goal to have face time with one social media connection per week.

2.) Give more to receive more: Develop your own educational or social programs. Host an educational meeting for new agents looking to succeed in the business, or a meet and greet for clients who have recently purchased in the same neighborhood. Share these programs across your social media channels.

3.) Reconnect with previous contacts: Many of your email and social media contacts were probably close connections at some point. Go through your Facebook, email or LinkedIn contacts to see whom you haven’t had recent contact with lately. Re-engage with these former colleagues, industry connections or clients, who have turned from a personal connection to simply an email contact.

4.) Use technology to grow your face-to-face relationships and source leads: Use social media to your advantage, see how your clients lives have changed, and offer support in any way you can. When you see that a client has had a life change (engagement, marriage, baby, recent empty nester), use that opportunity to send them a gift…or see if they are in the market for a new home!

5.) Become a digital matchmaker: Don’t keep your digital relationships to yourself! Use your social media channels to make introductions within your network, and help others build their own relationships. If you know a great caterer, and have a client who is looking to host a housewarming party, introduce them via Facebook or email!

6.) Give potential clients the chance to learn about you: Homebuyers’ primary method of home searching is via the Internet – according to NAR, 90% of home searchers begin their search online – so, make your online content more personal. Rely on visual blog content (videos, photos) and social media sites (Instagram, Vine, Pinterest), so potential clients can familiarize themselves with you before meeting.

I hope that you and your team can use these tips to continue to build  your digital relationships offline!

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