The Backyard Multimedia Technology Every Home Needs

About the Author: Since 2000, Chris Long has been a store associate at a Home Depot in Illinois. Chris’s interests range from providing advice on TV mounts to Home Depot customers to writing tips on security cameras and alarm systems.

Summertime is fleeting and it’s hard staying inside the house during the all too short summer months. But what about when you want to catch up on your DVR…and enjoy the sunset? Create an outdoor entertainment system by installing your own backyard multimedia technology, and enjoy the best of both worlds.

1.) Set-up: When creating an outdoor entertainment system, first identify the best location in your yard. Once you begin researching the components you wish to include (TV, sound system, DVD player, etc.) you will realize that although an item may be fully functional on your back patio, it’s not be appropriate to place it near the uncovered fire pit or water fountain in the middle of your yard. Many pieces of equipment are labeled as safe for “indoor/outdoor use” but that is not the same as an “all weather” classification. While a subtle distinction, it makes all the difference when determining what you can leave out in the hot sun, or inclement weather.

2.) TV time: When building an outdoor multimedia center, the location of the TV – not the size – should be your first concern. Whether it is perched on the deck’s corner TV stand or it is wall-mounted on the patio, when it comes to outdoor viewing, the quality of the screen’s display is the primary focus. After all, what good is an awesome outdoor setup if you can’t see the screen? In order to outshine the sun, outdoor LEDs have brighter displays than their indoor counterparts. Outdoor rated TVs are also designed to withstand weather, insects and corrosion, and to dissipate internal heat.

3.) Speaking of speakers: Outdoor speakers don’t need to be eyesores. TIC’s Terra-Form series cleverly disguised “rock” is really an outdoor speaker designed to blendin with your landscaping or gravel. If an elegant porch lantern is more your style, Acoustic Research’s Mission Style lantern lets you play music wirelessly from your MP3 player, AV receiver, laptop, smartphone, tablet and more, up to 150 feet away.

4.) Smart security: When you invest so much in an outdoor multimedia system, make sure you’re covered in the security department. Defender’s outdoor, digital, wireless home security system gives you all day coverage, as well as night vision! The long-range night vision cameras allow you to see up to 40 feet in the dark and can record up to 350 minutes of audio and video. They are contained within a protective aluminum covering, so you can use them year-round.

What other multimedia additions do you plan to incorporate into your outdoor entertainment system?

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