Design on a Budget: Pinterest-Inspired Home Decor Ideas

The inspection is completed, the papers are signed, and the keys are yours. Now you’re faced with the monumental task of making your new house a home. These Pinterest inspired DIY design ideas will turn your new house into a design showcase, cozy cabin, or family oasis. Check out what the social media photo fantasyland has to offer.

1. Metallic Monsoon: There’s just something about the appeal of glimmery golds and sumptuous silvers that creates the illusion of royal elegance. Contrary to the way it looks, it’s inexpensive to implement rich metallics in your home. Transform inexpensive craft store frames, garage sale trays, Ikea coffee tables, or thrift shop vases and lamps, with multi-surface metallic spray paint to give it a luxurious facelift.

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2. Nonflammable Nirvana: Candles are a moodsetter’s best-kept secret weapon. With vast design possibilities, they can be used both in the interior and exterior to exude warmth, comfort and an overall sense of home. Flameless candles are safer, mess-free, and can be placed in more areas of the home including tables, staircases, wall shelves, mantles, and more. They also end up being more cost effective, as they will never burn out. Save more money by buying flameless candles from retailers like Luna Bazaar that sell in bulk and give greater discounts for larger orders.

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3. 3D Gallery Wall: A simple collection of frames can result in a beautifully creative piece of 3D art. You can cover small wall spaces or go floor to ceiling, to embellish any room of your new home. Whether you buy new ones from the store or used ones from garage sales, this idea will save you the most money in the long run. No matter how many times you change your home’s furniture or color scheme, you can always revamp your frames with a little sandpaper and paint to match the new look.

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4. Wallpaper Wonderland: Add a little opulence to your new living or dining room. This traditional damask pattern signifies the lavish designs of the Victorian era. A proven classic, this wallpaper pattern – a geometric pattern complemented by floral lace – has been included in home décor since the 12th century. Damask wallpaper placed on an accent wall adds a chic character to any space. A good roll of quality wallpaper usually retails for over a hundred dollars but prices are usually discounted on flash sale websites like LightintheBox and Joss&Main.

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Do you have any go-to home décor Pinterest boards you follow regularly? Share with us in the comments below! Are you looking for a new canvas to decorate? Start your new home search here.

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