Tips for Eco-Friendly Decorating on a Budget

home ready for dinner party Incorporating eco-friendly furniture and décor in your home is a creative, stylish and overall healthier way to decorate. Switching to green alternatives can keep our earth cleaner and can help you save money! Whether you are designing your new home or are looking to spruce up your current one before putting it on the market, enhance your space with these four simple eco-friendly decorating tips.

Think clearly: To instantaneously change your home’s appearance, go for clear hurricanes and vases that you can reuse as seasons and trends change. Embellishing your home with clear, recycled glass can help lessen landfill space, as glass products can take lifetimes to naturally degrade. Fill up these see-through décor pieces with ornaments, flowers from the garden, paper drawings and other DIY decorations to instantaneously brighten your home’s ambience without spending a dime.

Add color with fruits and vegetables: Adding the right combination of colors can take any room from drab to fab. Eco-friendly furniture is usually made with bamboo, timber and wicker. Because these natural woods are neutral toned, they are best paired with pops of color. To create a quick and cost-effective centerpiece, take a basket, vase or tray and fill it up with fruits and vegetables that reflect the colors of the season (i.e. green apples, lemons and apricots are perfect for spring).

Upcycle, reuse and repurpose: Take a cue from Pinterest to get thousands of style inspirations from real people. Visit Pinterest’s “DIY & Crafts” category to discover a plethora of DIY design inspirations. Also, one of the latest advancements in the interior design community are overlays, which are paintable, lightweight, decorative panels that easily attach to furniture. Without having to spend much money you can upcycle your old furniture and create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Conquer costs: If you’re buying new, environmentally conscious décor pieces, there are many ways to save. To conquer higher price points, look for deals and use coupons to save on your purchases. Online specialty stores are known to have better deals because of their reduced overhead expenses. Many companies want to contribute to the green movement, by offering additional incentives on hundreds of energy efficient and toxin-free items. For example, coupons can give you access to limited time offers, weekly specials and percentages off on all natural furnitures and home decor pieces.

Over time, eco-friendly furniture has a better return on investment, lasting years longer than furniture made of plywood and fiberglass and preserving the earth’s precious riches.

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Nayri Leanna Gregor, is a consumer trends and savvy shopping expert at The Huffington Post and

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