Five Fall Curb Appeal Improvements for an Enticing Exterior

SimpliciKey, makers of a wireless remote control deadbolt for your home, shares tips on how homeowners can add easy exterior improvements to increase curb appeal this fall.

Fall is a prime time for those looking to sell their houses before the end of 2012, as the sale of existing homes rose in August, according to the National Association of Realtors. Fitting in a few simple exterior home improvements can add value and curb appeal to your home helping to snag those end-of-season real estate browsers. So what upgrades are easy, cost-effective and will make potential buyers “fall” in love with your home this season? We have five tips below:

Front Door Décor – The front door leaves a lasting first impression of your house. While completely replacing the front door is an option, simply sanding and repainting your existing door can make a big difference and save on costs.

For an extra upgrade: Add a nice fall foliage wreath, or a doorknocker to accentuate your home’s entrance.

Sync Hardware – Mismatched exterior hardware can make your home appear disheveled and create a non-cohesive aesthetic. By streamlining your house numbers, lock, door handle and exterior light fixtures with matching finishes, you can give your home a consistent, put-together look in less than a day without a large investment.

For an extra upgrade: Upgrade your lock with a high-end deadbolt with cover plate for added curb appeal and security.

Make over your mailbox – The mailbox is often forgotten about when it comes to your outdoor décor since it sits away from your home. Make sure your mailbox complements your home by sprucing up your standard letter holder with fresh trim, new paint or a fancy finish (steer clear of novelty, sport or hobby mailboxes).

For an extra upgrade: Add a trellis behind the mailbox for extra landscaping and a pop of color.

Great greenery – A well maintained lawn ties together the overall look of your home and presents a sleek front to accompany your home’s entrance. With fall being a transition time for many plants, adding mums or ornamental grasses in hearty autumn colors can bring depth to your yard.

For an extra upgrade:  Add reusable window boxes and porch containers filled with gourds, cornstalks and leaves to create an autumn feel.

Light the way – Create a walkway that encourages guests to walk right up and knock on the front door. Make sure the path is well lit by installing outdoor lighting that provide illumination and value, as well as security. For those without a walkway, installing a lamppost or lantern at the end of our driveway is a good option.

For an extra upgrade: Incorporate solar lights along your front door walkway for an easy and cost-effective makeover that is also energy efficient.

Preparing your home for sale, especially as the busy summer season is ending, can seem stressful, but with a few quick, easy and cost-effective improvements you can increase your home’s curb appeal no matter the season.

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