HomeFinder.com Agent Makeover Sweepstakes Winner: Kalen Raynor

2012 HomeFinder.com Agent Makeover Sweepstakes winner, Kalen Raynor is a 12-year real estate industry veteran and broker/owner of the recently launched Ponquogue Point Properties, Inc., in Hampton Bays, New York. Kalen recaps her HomeFinder.com Agent Makeover experience and what she took away from her business and style makeover in Chicago.

1.) What were your motivating factors to enter the sweepstakes? I entered the HomeFinder.com Agent Makeover Sweepstakes because I felt it was exactly what my real estate business needed. What is better than a makeover to learn about the most current social media opportunities and to receive a makeover for myself! Oh, and I had never been to Chicago before!

2.) What part of your business are you most looking forward to making over? I’m most excited to make over my real estate business’s website. Through the HomeFinder.com Agent Makeover Sweepstakes, I have learned necessary key words to help make my site appear at the top of a Google search.

3.) How do you think HomeFinder.com’s Single Property Website product will best help your business and your clients? HomeFinder.com’s Single Property Website product is awesome! HomeFinder.com has created a very simple and easy way to promote listings across social media networks; this tool is going to be an asset for my buyers and sellers. Single Property Websites let both the most technologically savvy agent and the technology novice market their listings effectively. It’s essentially a must have tool every agent should use.

4.) What was the most valuable piece of business advice you took away from the makeover? Hmm….this is a tough question to answer since I learned so much from this makeover!  I would say the most valuable piece of advice is to stay ahead of the technology curve and research your market constantly.  Always be one step ahead of the competition.

5.) What was the most valuable piece of style advice you took away from the makeover? If you want to be successful, dress successful and show your best self.

6.) As a winner of the HomeFinder.com Agent Makeover Sweepstakes, if you had to share one piece of business makeover advice with your real estate colleagues, what would it be? Get out there and market yourself through social media. Stay current and watch for marketing trends and try and be ahead of the curve.

7.) How will your style makeover help to improve the business side of your business? I now see the value in dressing the part, as well as being knowledgeable about the real estate market. I think the style portion of the makeover has introduced me to new styles and how to wear them. Since returning home, I have already gone shopping to continue to give my work wardrobe more of a “professional makeover.”

8.) What was the most exciting part about your style makeover? I think the most exciting part about the style makeover is the change in my attitude about personal style. Sometimes you are stuck in the rut of being a mom and working full time that you forget to take care of yourself.

9.) How do you feel incorporating social media and new technology will help you better interact with your clients/potential clients? Social media is here to stay. It is the best way to communicate with clients and to provide virtual guidance to potential buyers.  I want buyers to feel they are walking into a home, even if it is just online. I cannot wait to further build my business’s social media strategy.

10.) What was your favorite part of the trip? The business makeover portion. Learning from professional business coach, Michael Lindstrom, was one of the best prizes I could have received. In a tough real estate market sometimes you lose sight of what is most important, and you need a jump-start or a coach to motivate you.

Visit Kalen Raynor at Ponquogue Point Properties, Inc. and connect on Facebook!

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