Top 10 Moving Apps To Make the Big Move Easier

iStock_000019967269XSmall Congratulations! You have found the house of your dreams, so it’s all downhill from here, right? Unfortunately it’s not, as the dreaded packing and moving process looms over your head. As you scroll through your mental checklist, you might find yourself wondering how you are going to find reliable professional movers, locate a self-storage facility, or create a system to keep tabs on your boxes. With this list of moving apps, you can accomplish much of the moving process right from your mobile device.

1. MoveMatch (Android ™, Free)Only available on the Android platform, “MoveMatch” can help you determine the approximate weight of all your items, and it also creates a list that you can forward to professional movers, explaining where to drop off which boxes.

2. Moving Planner (Android™, $.99) – This app comes prepopulated with a list of over 210 generic household items that are most likely pack up and it also allows you to create your own list. It is essentially a “checklist” for your move.

3. Suddath’s Moving Guru (iPhone, Free) – This app not only helps you find professional movers, but it also allows you to send a “we’ve moved” notification to selected contacts in your phone.

4. Moving Day (iPhone, Free) – “Moving Day” has built-in bar code scanning and label-making capabilities. Basically, you create the bar-codes on your iPhone, print them out, and then tape them to your boxes.  When you’re unpacking, you should be able to “scan” your boxes and immediately see the contents without physically opening the box. If the scanner on your iPhone isn’t working, “Moving Day” will allow you to manually enter the barcode information.

5. MyMove (iPhone, Free) – Not only does this app allow you to calculate the weight of your items, it also helps you find a reliable professional moving company, as it comes complete with access to current moving company reviews.

6. SmartStop Self Storage’s Inventory Tracker (iPhone, Free) – Regardless of whether or not you have a storage unit at a SmartStop Self Storage facility, you can use their app to keep track of where your items are inside your storage locker, regardless of the facility.

7. Let’s Storage (iPhone, $1.99) – “Let’s Storage” is great if you have multiple self-storage units. This iPhone app helps you estimate the amount of space you will need to store your items, and it’s perfect for keeping track of the location of your stored items.

8. Moving Van (iPhone, $1.99) – As you pack your boxes, use the “Moving Van” app to record the exact contents of each box.  If you’re looking for an item that you haven’t unpacked yet, this app will allow you to run a search on your phone to find out which box that item is located in. “Moving Van” also allows you to export your inventory list as either a PDF or as text in the body of an email.

9. Move Planner (iPhone, $2.99) This app has 100 pre-populated move tasks, such as:  “Make sure you have your children’s school records,” “Assure you have adequate insurance for goods in transit,” “Ask your bank to transfer your account information to the nearest branch location.” In addition, it allows you to add your own tasks. Essentially, “Move Planner” is a task checklist for the moving process.

10. iMoving (iPad, Free) – This aesthetically well-designed app allows you to simultaneously obtain accurate moving quotes while you build your moving inventory room-by-room.

Make sure to take advantage of these mobile apps to lighten your moving load. Have you used any great moving resource apps that have eased your moving process? Share with us!

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