Improve Your Social Media Presence on Your Smartphone

socialmediasmartphone Have you heard the term “work smarter, not harder”? Well this applies to your social media strategy, too. It is just as convenient to manage your social media accounts on your smartphone, as it is on your computer. By introducing you to several new apps, websites and techniques, you will be left wondering what took you so long to start interacting with clients and industry insiders on the go! We have compiled five tips to build your business’s social media presence with your smartphone.

1.) Download the right apps. While basic, this tip will give you the push you need to take your social media strategy mobile. You can download apps for Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook and WordPress to either your iPhone or Android devices. Facebook has a Facebook Pages app, so you can keep your personal Facebook account separate from your business Facebook Page on your smartphone. If you use the WordPress blog platform for your business, you can also download the app so you can create new blog posts from anywhere.

2.) Use a social dashboard. Download a social dashboard app such as HootSuite. This free tool syncs with your Facebook and Twitter accounts to let you respond quickly to Facebook and Twitter activity, jump in relevant conversations and pre-schedule updates you want to distribute throughout the day. HootSuite also lets you set up different streams for topics of interest, such as “real estate” or “home buying,” so you can stay on top of relevant industry discussions and news.

3.) Set up Google Alerts. Set up different alerts for your city, surrounding towns, company, competitors, your listing’s addresses and your go-to industry media outlets. These alerts keep you informed of industry news and chatter in near real-time, so you are always able to jump into any relevant conversations happening online and have the ability to share with your clients and social media networks.

4.) Curate and share content. One of the most important parts (and easiest, once you get the hang of it) of social media is continually sharing new content. This does not need to be content that you create; rather it can be content that you curate. There are many resources to help you curate interesting and relevant content, including Instapaper (lets you save webpages you come across so you can read and share at a later time); (curate engaging magazines to share with your social media networks); and CurationSoft (search by keyword, choose your content, add your commentary and post to your social media accounts). Once you find a great article, you do not need to limit to only one social media account. Take this content and share across your social media sites, tailoring your commentary to each outlet.

5.) Photo updates. Are you at a visually inspiring conference, a unique home, or a special showing? Take a pic! Simply taking a photo on your phone using the Instagram app and uploading it to your social media networks is a great way to establish a connection by sharing an eye-catching update with very little effort.

Once you’ve equipped your smartphone with the tools you need to manage your social media accounts on the go, you’ll be able to build your social media presence in between appointments. Drive your business through your social media networks by working “smarter” on that smartphone!

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